Storm's Edge

Adventure 1, Session 4: 11.24.09

After scaling the wall of the warehouse, the party was confronted by a force of fire cultists including another halberdier and firestarter. They were led by a young female firesoul genasi who wielded a vicious flaming longsword and nearly finished off the party singlehandedly.

The group was punished severely and Roaric nearly slain, but they managed to eke out a victory. Jennai completed her quest by killing the genasi, who was the third of the cult members responsible for burning the sacred grove back at Midsummer. Her spear became a +1 Alfsair Spear and Vocilrot claimed the +1 Flaming Longsword of the genasi. There was some gold and a couple of healing potions found as well.

Upon investigating the warehouse and dock, the party discovered an strange elemental refrigeration apparatus built around a metal disc similar to the one on the boiler under the inn. Nearby was the bound and unconscious Valis Koborn, the admiral’s nephew. They also met a man named Breven Foss who revealed that he had been the true patron of the fire cult, and that he was now determined to steal the demon cult’s ship that Vocilrot had helped capture a few days earlier. After trading some witty banter he magically commanded the refrigeration pipes in the warehouse to freeze the harbor solid, then animated the apparatus itself into a construct of iron and elemental frost, which stomped out of the warehouse to attack.

Being badly injured and nearly out of healing surges the party elected to grab the admiral’s nephew and flee into the city. Foss used a conjured wind to propel his small ship out along a narrow channel of open water towards the two Arkhosian navy ships and their captured prize. The elemental construct began hurling large chunks of ice at the two ships to cover Foss’ approach. As the party fled an unnatural, icy fog began to blanket the harbor, so they had no idea whether Foss was able to steal the ship or not.



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