Storm's Edge

Adventure 2, session 1: 12.01.09

The party took a much-needed night’s rest in Ronah’s in. They were introduced to a dwarf artificer named Berron Brasstooth who explained that the elemental apparatuses had been constructed in secret by a now-missing pupil of his. Rose received half of a matched pair of khopeshes from Aldus. Roaric received a hammer re-forged by Berron with the aid of some of the city’s shamans (who owed him a favor).

The party set out the next morning to investigate the situation in the harbor, which was still blanketed under icy fog which had engulfed several blocks of the surrounding neighborhoods as well. Passing through a checkpoint manned by both the City Watch and Dog Swords mercenaries, they detoured to a sailmaker’s shop and improvised some white canvas ponchos for camouflage in the mist. Soon after, they were beset by a pack of small but savage ice elementals who seemed to spontaneously form from the ice coating many of the buildings.

The open channel of water leading from the warehouse was now frozen but it was relatively easy to follow out to the center of the harbor. The party discovered the Arkhosian flagship as well as Vocilrot’s ship, the Barbed Hook frozen in the ice, with no sign of the captured prized but a large hole leading down into unknown depths beneath the frozen harbor.



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