Storm's Edge

Adventure 2, session 2: 12.10.09

The party fought off three Dretch and a Runespiral Demon that had been lurking around the Barbed Hook. They used one of the ship’s ballistas to fire a line down into the icy chasm. Climbing down, they discovered a ledge in the chasm wall opening onto a tunnel that curved down and around to a chamber with a large rock formation in the center. They discovered two dead dragonborn lying in the ice and a third being devoured by a wounded Abyssal Eviscerator behind the rock pillar. They made short work of this demon as well as a Storm Shard that floated up the central shaft and began bombarding them with lightning bolts. Following some human and dragonborn tracks further down the tunnels, they came to a steep, icy slide. Lowering herself on a rope, Jennai discovered a large cavern hollowed out of the frozen muck of the harbor bottom. It contained a number of floating rocks spiraling down to a portal in the floor. Spanning the portal was a mass of twisted wood and metal that seemed to incorporate both the Anarch Disk and the demongate from the cultists’ ship. Standing atop the portal was Breven Foss.



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