Roaric Earthson

Race: Dwarf

Class: Warden

All my life I have known I was destined for greatness, as did the ancestor spirits of my clan’s great warriors. I owe my prowess in combat to the heroes whose blood flows in my veins. When I recover my strength in combat, the guardian spirit of my grandfather flashes into sight for a moment, defending me from my enemies so that I can fight on.

Roaric Earthson left his clan years ago to expand his knowledge of the Earth & to make the spirit of his grandfather, Himdal Earthfather, proud to see him become Clan Champion, protect the mines & lands of his kin. In his most recent travels Roaric has become a follower of the Circle of New Kin, seeing the party he is with now as members of his clan, his blood. He protects them as if they were his own. How long he will stay with his new ‘kin’ remains to seen. Maybe the Earth will become his clan. He thinks his grandfather may approve of this….

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