Race: Halfling

Class: Sorcerer

About Thurick: He is in almost every sense a well adjusted halfling, he sees himself as being on an extended journey home. He has a vague idea of which direction home is, but is not really in any hurry to get there. He is just as interested in seeing new things and learning more about his powers. He still believes that his abilities are external, that he is tapping into the world around him and drawing power from it, This makes him curious to go to new places and draw power from them to see what it is like. This belief, misplaced though it is, draws him to other who draw their power from nature. This has also led to him subconsciously tinting the manifestations of his innate power according to the local environment.

Visually he is about 3’4” weighs about 65 lbs. His hair is long and has a few smaller braids in it. His implement takes the form of the guiding/riding crop he used to use when training behemoths. The majority of his gear is hand made, from the steppes, mostly woven the sturdy hair of the behemoths he trained.

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